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Bryon Mogul BLOOZE BAR Review 12/02/2023

 Bryon Mogul 



Last night, The Art Of Metal at The Blooze was a parade of expert artists, band after band! The Last House Band, whom I had not heard of outside of good references, absolutely killed it with their renditions of hits from the 70's an 80's mixed with originals. They jumped on stage 20 minutes early because the room was already filling up, and played an extra-long set and every song was dope. No kidding, I didn't realize the band had Francis Leon and Mark from Lawless Rocks along with John the drummer. That singer-guitar combo defines excellence and support for our music scene. These guys helped open the 44 before a stage existed, played several of our quasi-quarantine era shows, participated in jams and always delivered the goods. Their rhythm section was just as skilled, and you'll see them again on my shows. Their library is infinite, they came first and stayed till the end. And now the words out, you can expect to hear a lot more about them. I'm so grateful to you guys.

Our headliner, Dawn Of The Rising, are some of the best friends I have in the music scene. They are 

absolutely a polished original metal heavy hitter in this game. I like the vocalist-writer Ray Coon so much, he is the only vocalist to ever sing on an album with me since Joey from Anthrax. Ignacio Sarraff and Ray's son Justin Coon fire super-skilled solos at you from both sides of the stage Chris Keener is one of the most sought-after percussionists anywhere in the Valley. The bassist is a rock and cornerstone of deep melody. All night, faces I knew and didn't know told me they were captivated by this band. I count them as one of the top flagship metal bands in Arizona.

Frankenshred should be in an arena, they're so top-shelf. I already expected a 40-minute clinic on perfect metal guitar techniques and songs that you'd never expect to hear done well done better than the original. And I'm serious. But then, Hunter Storm came up, and some of us knew this was going to be off the scale! Coming on to the event to replace a last-minute cancellation, I can't really remember a more powerful performance. I mean Dio, and Sabbath, and a cascade of great anthems that had fans hugging the stage. Johnny Frankenshred II, Hunter Storm, Rob Erwin, and Tom Higgins.

Ankh-Alien performed our Videodyssey show, with my all-original, heavy Neo-Classical accompaniment to sci-fi and cult movies. Daniel Bueschel nailed everything we did, with only a few hours of preparation. And I'm the kind of player who does their best work when experts are present. I haven't checked the livestream, but I think it was a pretty good night. And every song was met with resounding applause. It was sad to perform without Emily Rachel Calvis, who is sick and unable to sing. Our best vibes and hopes for her speedy recovery.

It's a testament to our metal scene when four headliner bands like this play a bill. And this was to help out The Blooze Bar, who had a show cancel. It's my privilege and duty to step up when things like this happen, and an honor to have these artists by my side to help.

The fans. It wasn't who was there, it was WHO was there. Jack McBride from 2 IN THE CHEST, Amen Torso from TORSO, Kenny James, James Beauchamp, Mike Smith from The YETI RADIO, John Roland, Angela Black (who brought us The Last House Band), Melee Bee, and many more of the highly supportive people who are the strongest base of our music community.

No regrets for the 120 who people didn't miss this show. Under the circumstances of little time to promote, competition from other clubs, and pages of Christmas parties, we all did great. Jennifer Wharton made street tacos, and we ate it all.

Wednesday, October 18, 2023

2 IN THE CHEST LIVE!! at Creepsville in Mesa Arizona October 28th 2023

On October 28th, prepare yourself for an unforgettable Halloween experience at the visually stunning venue known as CREEPSVILLE in Mesa, Arizona. The night promises an incredible double-header with two outstanding bands: SHOWMEGOD and 2 IN THE CHEST. #2inthechest


2 IN THE CHEST is no ordinary band; they proudly claim the title of the world's only Rustic Outlaw Southern Hard Rock group. Their entire concept, from lyrics to logo, immerses you in the eerie world of dead cowboys from the 1800s Old West.


SHOWMEGOD, on the other hand, brings a unique and captivating concept of post-apocalyptic freak show to the stage. Their performance promises to be a visual and auditory spectacle that you won't want to miss.

As an extra treat, ANKH ALIEN will be delivering a metalized version of "The Nightmare Before Christmas" that will absolutely blow your socks off.

Make sure you don't arrive late to this extraordinary night of music, where the visuals and sounds will transport you to otherworldly realms. The event takes place at 43 W. 6th Ave, Mesa, AZ. The show begins at 6 PM and concludes at 11:55 PM. Be there to witness a night of musical and visual magic that will leave you spellbound.

In addition to the fantastic performances by SHOWMEGOD, 2 INTHE CHEST, and ANKH ALIEN, prepare to be enthralled by two more incredible bands that will take the stage at CREEPSVILLE in Mesa, Arizona on October 28th.

 ADDICT3D, a band known for their electrifying energy and dynamic stage presence, will be igniting
the night with their explosive sound. Their music is a sonic rollercoaster, promising an adrenaline rush you won't soon forget.

SHOWMEGOD, 2 IN THE CHEST, ADDICT3D and ANKH ALIEN, will create a HALLOWEEN event that is nothing short of extraordinary. Be at 43 W. 6th Ave, Mesa, AZ, as the show kicks off at 6 PM and wraps up at 11:55 PM, promising an unforgettable night of musical magic and intense, spine-tingling performances.

Saturday, September 23, 2023

2 IN THE CHEST Live at the Rock N Horror Film And Music Fest Friday Oct. 13th

 The Rock 'N Horror Film and Music Fest, Visit Event Page which is being held on Friday, October 13th in the historic western town of Prescott, Arizona, will be a unique combination of movies and music all in the horror genre. The film being featured is "Near Dark", a vampire movie directed by Kathryn Bigelow, entirely shot in Arizona. The live music begins after the screening. There will be special guest appearances, meet and greets, bar service, concessions and much more. A portion of the proceeds to benefit the Eric Marsh Foundation for Wildland Firefighters. Visit Event Website 

2 IN THE CHEST Performing Skull fest 2023 / 43 W6th Ave. Mesa, AZ


Tuesday, September 19, 2023

Get Ready to Rock with The Reverend Black Jack McBride and The Dust Bowl Metal Show!


🎸🀘 Get Ready to Rock with The Reverend Black Jack McBride and The Dust Bowl Metal Show! 🀘🎸


Hey there, all you metalheads, headbangers, and lovers of the heaviest tunes out there! We've got some electrifying news that's going to make your speakers tremble and your hearts pound with excitement. The one and only Reverend Black Jack McBride is BACK, and he's ready to take The Dust Bowl Metal Show to the stratosphere!


For those of you who haven't had the pleasure of tuning in before, let us introduce you to the legendary DJ himself – Reverend Black Jack McBride. He's been a force in the radio show scene for years, and while he's taken a little hiatus, his passion for promoting unsigned talent has never wavered. That's right, folks – he's dusting off his microphone and cranking up the volume once more!


πŸŽ™️🀘 Bringing You the Best in Underground Metal πŸ€˜πŸŽ™


Reverend Black Jack is on a mission to unearth the hidden gems of the metal world, and he wants YOU to be a part of it! Bands, listen up – he's opening his studio doors wide for music and interviews, so get ready to share your passion, your sound, and your story with the world.


But this show isn't just about the music; it's about the community, the spirit, and the unbreakable bond that is metal. The Dust Bowl Metal Show has always been, and will always be, FREE for bands to feature on. That's right – no barriers, no paywalls, just pure, unadulterated metal goodness for all to enjoy.


πŸ€˜πŸš€ Let's Take This Show to the Next Level! πŸš€πŸ€˜


Reverend Black Jack McBride isn't stopping at just music and interviews. His band, 2 in the Chest, is gearing up for some EPIC performances in the coming months, and they're on the hunt for like-minded bands to join them on stage. So, if you've got the passion, the energy, and the talent, this could be your big break!


But that's not all – to make The Dust Bowl Metal Show even more colossal than before, we're reaching out to sponsors who share our love for heavy riffs and skull-shattering drum beats. Together, we can elevate this show to new heights and make sure that the world hears the incredible music you've been crafting in the shadows.


πŸ’₯🀟 Join the Metal Movement! 🀟πŸ’₯


So, bands, sponsors, and metalheads of all stripes, this is your call to action! The Reverend Black Jack McBride and The Dust Bowl Metal Show are ready to ROCK, and we want YOU to be part of the chaos. Let's create a community that thrives on pure, unfiltered metal – a community that supports, inspires, and ROCKS!


Stay tuned, keep those horns held high, and let's make some METAL MAGIC together! 🀘🀘🀘

Saturday, January 21, 2023

Reigniting the DUST BOWL METAL SHOW flame.



January 22nd 2023

Reigniting the DUST BOWL METAL SHOW flame.

After a prolonged absence, I am excited to announce my return to the Arizona metal scene. Despite the challenges of life changes and navigating the current climate, my love for this community remains steadfast. The continued support I receive from the scene is truly inspiring and has reignited my passion for the DUST BOWL METAL SHOW.


As a national truck driver, my career often keeps me away from my beloved scene. But rest assured, whenever I am in town, I am front and center at local shows, supporting the talented musicians and bands that make this scene so special.


In addition to my support for the scene, I have been busy working with my own band, 2 IN THE CHEST. We have been putting in countless hours to create an even more impressive audio and visual performance for our fans. And our upcoming release party for our brand new record, “HEROES BLOOD”, promises to be a truly captivating event. The party will be held on March 18th at the 44 sports grill and night life at 44th avenue and Peoria in Glendale Arizona.


Tickets are now on sale at the 2 IN THE CHEST website, as well as at the 44, ADDICT3D and BRYON MOGUL. These custom-designed commemorative tickets are sure to be a collector's item, so don't miss out!


In addition to my plans for the DUST BOWL METAL SHOW, I am also working to bring back the Dust Bowl Metal Show fest once a year. So be sure to keep an eye out for updates on that as well. If you're in a local Arizona rock, hard rock, punk or metal band, don't hesitate to send me your tracks. When I do fire up the show again, it will be broadcasting worldwide. Keep coming back for more updates, and I can't wait to see you at the CD release party on March 18th.

Friday, November 8, 2019

A Ghost Town off the noggin.

Reverend Black Jack McBride
Dust Bowl Metal Show "Off The Noggin"

I never though the feeling of a ghost town would be present when joes grotto closed, but it does have that feeling. One thing is for sure, there are other venues out there, that if a few things were done with them, it would make them great venues. I think the trick is to talk with these places as a united scene. We need venues and venues need us. Promoters are a necessary evil so we, the bands, can make sure we are ready to perform. At a level worthy of people coming back week after week because they know that there will always be great bands at this place or that place.

These are just thoughts going through my noggin.

As a member of a band, there are three things I want in a venue 4 if you count getting paid.

1.       A great stage
2.       A great sound system
3.       Awesome lighting.

This does many things. It adds to the entertainment value of the evening, audibly visually and these are important to the patrons and the entertainers. When a band is on a stage performing and all these elements are present; it makes for an amazing night of entertainment.

What are your thoughts on my noggin post?

Monday, March 4, 2019

2 IN THE CHEST Cd Release Party for Lead Jacket in a Pine Box. March 2nd 2019

Message from the Reverend Black Jack McBride

Comments about the 2 IN THE CHEST CD Release Event:

Hey, hey, hey, I have been to a ton of shows in this valley for going on 32 years. I have played in bands off and on since 1988. SACRIFICIAL DEATH, SCAPEGOAT, DOC MARTINEZ AND THE MOODY GROOVE AND CRANK BAIT. 

We have performed in front of very large crowds and we have many times played for the bar staff. But each and every time we give 110% on that stage to the point of damn near passing out.

In April 2018 2 IN THE CHEST walked into Steampunk audio labs in north phoenix, and began recording the second full length album
with Mr. Casey Weaver at the helm. We worked on this record for almost an entire year making sure that this CD would surpass the first one, not only as the music is concerned but also the release party.

In 2016 we released Iron Smoke and Spit and that record was awesome but the release party left us questioning our ability to give quality music to each one of you that listen to it. But we stepped back and realized that this scene, this amazing Arizona Hard Rock and Metal scene want’s something very explosive. So  we went to work on the brand new record LeadJacket in a Pine Box in search of amazing stories to tell each one of you that love  2 IN THE CHEST so much. We busted our tails on each and every measure of each and every song making sure that every element was as impactful as the last. We drilled into those songs day in and day out. We kept railing into those songs for 4 months making them as powerful as we could. We were finally happy with the stories.

I then called Billy Gonzales with “We Steal Copper”
and SMASH ENTERTAINMENT and asked him to put together a killer line up of bands for the Album release event. He asked me to give him a list of bands and that list consisted of well more than we could put on one show even with 2 stages. The venue of choice for this release was the amazing Joe’s Grotto.

A couple months went by and Billy sent me a message with the bands that were very happy to join this event. Each one of these bands including the brand new debut band “NoneTo No One”

When we arrived to the venue about 5:30pm there were already 20 people there by 6:30 there were 50 by 7:00 when None To No One started performing there were well over 65 people in that building. And half way through there set there were close to 100. When SICK BLACK AUTOMATIC
hit the stage giving to the attendees a powerful metal set there were people everywhere.

hit the stage tearing it up song after song. Then it was SECTAS.

They hammered out a killer bank of tunes like they always do. By this time you could hardly work your way through all the people. Then the mesmerizing CIPHERED EXISTENCE 
hit the stage as SECTAS was tearing down and 2 IN THE CHEST was setting up. I was watching them as we were getting ready to give what we hoped to be an unforgettable performance. 

I looked down at the program I build for over 2 weeks and made sure everything was ready to go. While we were out back becoming THE UNDEAD I kept going through the planned program over and over in my head. People were talking to me outside and I did not even hear them because my focus was to deliver the best show Arizona has ever seen. Whether we achieved that mark or not, we may never know, but I am beyond confident that we gave every bit of our souls to that performance. 
Most of you do not know what happened because you were inside the building but when the intro to the set started, it was setting off car alarms all around the building. At that point we knew that this performance would be remembered by many people for years to come.

When Velvet and I were writing The Title track to this new album “Lead Jacket in a Pine Box”, it seemed as if something was missing in the song. It sounded great but there was one very important detail that came to me after attending a concert with Sounds Like Murder. Durdy Jones 
was doing this amazing monk vocal in one of his songs and it came me. “thats it; that’s what this song needs. I called up Durdy and asked him to come to the studio and lay down vocals on that song and when he was done; the song was complete. When he said he would be there to do the vocal live for the CD release I was so damn exited.

When he did that vocal to start the song I had freaking chills
running down my spine. No one could see me, and I am not afraid to admit it, but I had tears of joy in my eyes by the end of that song.

Then we gave each one of you awesome people a song off of our last record called mama cried and I asked over 260 people to give my friend who lost his life in February, Justin Blum a moment of silence and when I did; the
respect I was given was unexplainable. Thank you all for helping me memorializes a great friend, thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Then I introduced Mary Ella O Sullivan as playing the drums on Fury Lucy. You all gave her sooo damn much love that again tears were falling from my cheeks under that mask. I stepped back out of the way so that everyone could see her
perform that song. We are so beyond proud of how well she did. The screams were so loud we could hardly hear our instruments.  We just want to, as a band, thank each and every one of you amazing people for choosing to come to this show out of all the other entertainment in the valley. Thank you so much.

When we left the stage, I was so over whelmed with the love that all of you gave to us that I really needed to sit down and take it all in. I personally have never in all my years seen a show filled with local acts congregate in such large numbers. When the stage spot lights went on we seen people shoulder to shoulder all the way back to the
BEST CLOTHING CO. table. Where an amazing band was getting ready to play. MALO DE DENTRO. they brought an explosive performance on that stage, bringing up "Christian Lee" from SECTAS, and Tulin Howey from EMPIRE OF DEZIRE to perform a few numbers with them. What great bands were on this bill. Talk about love. I don’t think I could have asked for a better line up of bands on this night. 

Then it happened, the last act of the night, handpicked by Mary Ella O Sullivan herself, “FATAL MALADY” her favorite band in Arizona hit that stage and brought the brutality only they can bring. Mary Ella was Brought on stage by the singer of Fatal Malady, and he praised her for being such a great little person in front of all of you, and you again showed her so much love.

2 IN THE CHEST if you did not know, is a family band. Mother Father Daughter Grandfather Grand Mother and someone that is very special to us on the bass guitar. And we cannot forget The Awesome hostess who comes out to each and every show to dance with us on stage.
Left to right: Noel O'Shaughnessy, Bibe Boanna Darby, Mary Ella O Sullivan, Velvet De Blonko,
Reverend Black Jack McBride, Brewster Scolfield Hutchinson, Jameson Jack Coburn

If I were to call it quits and not play another show ever again. This would be the show I would end it all with. We have never received so much love and attention than we did on March 2nd at Joe’s Grotto. And we will never forget it.

People that we want to thank are so many that it scares me to even try and name them all for fear I may forget someone. But thank you to BAD BOY GUITARS
for taking me in to your family. That is the coolest thing that has ever happened to me. Joe Grotto… you my brother are an Icon in this music scene and you gave us a chance to play your venue many years ago and we will never forget it. We hope to play this venue many more times. Joe we love you very much. Thank you for allowing us to have our CD Release at your venue.

Other amazing people we have to thank are Jamesons son for coming all the way to Arizona from Ohio to see this event. Pat From St. Madness
for gracing us with his presents. That meant so much to me to see this Arizona metal icon at our Cd release. Theresa Lamb for coming all the way from Tucson to see this event, John and Dylan from Black Wolf Mountain.
Jeff, all the photographers that showed up for this event, Erik I love you to bro. So many members, from so many local bands that I do not remember their names, but thank you for coming to this show. It meant so much to all of us. I want to thank the guys at BEST Clothing Company
for coming to this event. There were so many amazing people that I will never forget this show.

Message to all the bands that jumped on this show:

Each member of 2 IN THE CHEST would like to thank you from the bottom of our hearts. You all just brought you’re A games, and this night will go into the record books as one of the best local shows we have ever done. THANK YOU! To each Dweller of dust that has stuck in with us from day one, ohh soo many years ago. We love each and every one of you. THANK YOU!

Next performance Anne Fest May 3rd ClubRed in Mesa, Arizona
Peace Love & 2 IN THE CHEST

Monday, January 28, 2019

Catch the new episode of "Fretz Undressed" this Thursday (Jan 31) at 6pm!

Catch the new episode of "Fretz Undressed" this Thursday (Jan 31) at 6pm! Shown RIGHT HERE on our Facebook page.
We are starting the Custom Guitar being made for our new Artist - Tommy Gibbons.

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Dust Bowl Metal Show Review Dec. 1st 2018 Joe's Grotto


RBJM Author
DBMS Local Metal Review.
December 1st 2018

There are many, many great metal bands in Arizona to many to list, but there are those that when on stage deliver an excruciating display of metal power. And on December 1st I witnessed one of those bands. I have written about bands in Arizona for over 5 years. But there are those that stand out with such power and impact that they to put it bluntly impress the hell out of me.
When I go to a show I want only 2 things from the performer’s.1.  Great music, and 2, the visual delivery of that music. Tonight was no exception. Steve the guitar player from Motive sent me a message offering me a place on their list with all the work I am doing for The Awareness Tours I do not have much time these days, but I have been waiting for these guys to release new music for years so I was not about to miss this monumental event.
Leaving my house I always bring a thumb drive so I can rehearse the new  2 IN THE CHEST  music any chance I get so this is what I did on the way to Joe’s Grotto. I arrived and sure enough I was on the list. Thank you Motive for doing this. I was greeted at the door by local guitarist Matthew Miller he was in a band called Deathgrip that I really enjoyed they of course are no longer together sad story. But he went on to combine forces with Gavin D. and Tommy G to for a new band called Untether and although I have not heard any new music from these guys I am sure it will be great.
So when I walked in the amazing Sectas was loading their gear on stage and if you’re from Arizona and don’t know this band you definitely don’t get out much that’s for sure. Christian is someone I call friend and brother. He is the singer guitar player in this 3 piece powerhouse band and they pulled off a killer show as always. I am always amazed at Christians finger work on the guitar he is one of the best lead player around in my opinion.  He has a few lead tracks on 2 IN THE CHEST’s Iron Smoke and Spit CD.
Next up was another powerful local metal band. Autumns End. These guys do not need an introduction at all they always deliver a powerful experience from any stage they perform on.
But tonight my focus was on the guys in MOTIVE. This was a moment I have been waiting for, for a very long time. And it was finally here. I always do what I can to support the local scene by buying some of their merch. I attempted to do that this time but like most bands they do not order 4 and 5 X shirts for us big boys. But I was told that they would be ordering me one and I anxiously await that day.
When these guys hit the stage I was chomping at the bit so to speak to hear the new sounds of the almighty MOTIVE. And when that first note hit, I was immediately hooked. By the end of their first song most of the people that were out on the smoking patio were right there front and center. They were now commanding a pretty large size crowd and all eyes were on this band. Screams irrupted after each song was finished, and it seemed it was to the amazement of the band themselves. They were as surprised as we were, or at least it seemed that way. Right about the 6th song or so I marched my ass to the merch table to buy a CD. Now mind you I already have their new music they sent it to me to spin on the radio show, but I just had to hear this music again ASAP.
MOTIVE was blazing full force through each song on the brand new record, and with each song brought a bigger crowd and louder screams. MOTIVE has reached a new height in the local Arizona metal scene on this night with their new CD. Each and every song delivers explosive enjoyment. 

If you remember when I started this review, I said I always listen to 2 IN THE CHEST’s new music whenever I am driving. Well this is the first time I have pulled the thumb drive and popped in a CD in a very long time. All the way home and all the way to and from work Sunday these songs were blasted through my audio system. MOTIVE has just entered my personal top ten for best metal bands in Arizona. This list is an Elite list, and you have to impress the hell out of me live to get on this list. Welcome MOTIVE to The Reverend Black Jack McBride’s top 10 Best Arizona metal bands.

This coming Saturday I will also be at Joe's Grotto for the final performance of another band in my top 10 THROW –LOGIC- . There will be a ton of bands I have not had the chance to see perform live before so this will be a great event.


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Wednesday, August 8, 2018

DONATE To The Awareness Tours Housing Homeless Veterans Through Entertainment.

upcoming events


For a small donation of $10.00 or more to 
housing homeless veterans through entertainment, 
your flier can be on the front page.

The awareness tours housing homeless veterans through entertainment. We are providing entertainment in your community, so the homeless veterans get the care they need and deserve. The awareness tours housing homeless veterans through entertainment.

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