Thursday, October 26, 2017



There’s a powerfully epic force traversing the foothills of the Arizona desert landscape. It’s low and rumbling, shaking the ground underfoot like a runaway train colliding with dump truck full of TNT. It’s angry and aggressive, like a ferociously devastating monsoon storm laying waste to everything in its path. Most of all, it’s live and loud—or exactly what Malo de Dentro’s loyal fans experience each and every time the evil within comes out on stage for the entire world to behold.

This is perhaps the most accurate description of Malo de Dentro, a band that has contributed so much blood, sweat and chords to the already storied local Phoenix heavy metal music scene over the years. Since its founding in 2005 by guitarist Chuck Simoes and drummer Brett “Sixkiller’ Mckinney, this talented group of musicians has been thrashing through song after song with the same heightened intensity, palpable excitement, and expert showmanship that has made them a legend in the local Phoenix music scene over the past 11 years.