Tuesday, May 23, 2017

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 .Hailing from Tucson Arizona, Sorrows Ruin is a five piece multi-faceted hybrid metal group formed in early 2014. Fueled by the idea of a post-apocalyptic era, the band quickly set out to release The Takedown in early 2015; the composition can be described as innovative, crushing, and emotionally charged. The debut opus carries conviction in the lyrics, vocals, and instrumentation. Mixed and mastered by Mitch Burbidge of Omniversal studios, The Takedown is an album that is best played loud and often – it doesn’t hold a candle to their live performance however!
Sporting body armor and tribal warrior paint, Sorrows Ruin provides the live audience with more than just an average interpretation of their music; they gift you with an experience which can never be mimicked by a studio recording. Winner of three different battle of the bands competitions, Sorrows Ruin delivers a very high energy performance, strictly for the interest of the fans. Just take a look at the insane cult fan base of maniacs aptly known as – “The Ruination.” Fans who show up early just for a chance to have their faces painted by the band prior to the show, is validation for Sorrows onstage prowess. The hybrid-metal monsters have slayed stages all across The Valley of the Sun in Arizona, and have no plans of slowing their crusade.
2016 marks the next chapter for Sorrows Ruin, with the May release of their single “The Winds” and the highly anticipated date of the first annual “RuinFest” in Tucson AZ, there is much more to be expected from a metal band looking to break musical barriers, within the metal genre.