Friday, November 10, 2017


Abrasive. Chaotic. Experimental. Dead Swarm took this question to heart in the conception of their first EP, The Swarm is Coming..., released March 11, 2014. Founded in Phoenix, AZ at the start of 2013, Dead Swarm's approach to metal is dark and aggressive, influenced by the groove of Six Feet Under, Morbid Angel's raw aggression, the technicality of Death, and the driving guitar riffs of early Pig Destroyer. Featuring articulate gutteral lead vocals and a hard-hitting rhythm section, the thrashy death metal sound of Dead Swarm is matched by its unsettling lyrical themes--influenced by psychological horror films, ghost stories, and portrayals of human capacity for evil.

Lead vocalist and bassist, Rick Fowler was the frontman of Los Angeles death metal band Inhuman Visions alongside former bandmate Charles Elliott (Abysmal Dawn, Bereft), supporting national bands like Death, Testament, Emperor, Nile, The Haunted, Jungle Rot, Malevolent Creation, and Morbid Angel. After a 1-year recruitment process, Dead Swarm added drummer Javad Beg (ex-Dirt Over Lime) and two fresh faces on the scene: Jeremy Tindell (rhythm guitar, backing vocals) and Kyle Cockson (lead guitar).

Dead Swarm is currently recording a 2017 EP, showcasing locally, and touring regionally--tasked with reinventing and empowering the West Coast metal scene to rise up and swarm the masses. The band is currently in the active booking process seeking metal-friendly venues to continue showing their work and filling venues with key revenue-driving-demographic attendees.