Tuesday, November 7, 2017


Emerging out of the Phoenix Music scene has come a band that will thrust the modern boundaries of music into extreme new territory. With it’s soul crushing melody’s and “heart on it’s sleeve” emotion, (Sic)Monic is a band that’s musical concepts and idea’s will build up and tear down the listener with every song and extreme live performance.

The sound that has emerged from Phoenix, Arizona that is Sicminic has surpassed the traditional Metal/Hard Rock sound and forged a new blend of emotion, human experience, and trials and tribulations that make up everyday life.

Using many influences ranging from jazz fusion to death metal to create a chaotic yet catchy backdrop, (Sic)Monic's lyrics lay down a wide variety of topics that lead the listener down a path that spirals out of control and ultimately leads the participant into a new understanding of music. That combination of lyrical insanity, catchy grooves, and maniacal musicianship, was captured on their 2006 self-released debut album "Look to the Skies".

This album catch the interest of italian label Aural Music Record, and the result is the groundbreaking new album titled “Somnambulist” : (Sic)monic once again jumps into the chaos, and finds comfort in textural and sonic areas most musicians would crumble in. Literally pieces of music within pieces of music, Somnambulist offers a kaleidoscopic window into a world of music torn open for all to see with an artistic flair that separates (Sic)monic from every other "hardcore" band out there.

This time tearing off into some deep waters, this record could easily have been categorized as avant-garde jazz in the vein of some of John Zorn’s work, as metal or hardcore... This record is Heavy, Heady, Heavenly, and sometimes plain un-categorical.

Incredible. Sicmonic has played with many national and international acts including but not limited to Slipknot, Disturbed, Soulfly, Dragonforce, Five Finger Death Punch and many more. Lead guitarist Ray Goodwin has a full endorsement by Jackson guitars. Look for Sicmonic in 2015 and beyond as they release their most exhilarating and heart crushing full length album "Darcauditure" to date.