Friday, November 8, 2019

A Ghost Town off the noggin.

Reverend Black Jack McBride
Dust Bowl Metal Show "Off The Noggin"

I never though the feeling of a ghost town would be present when joes grotto closed, but it does have that feeling. One thing is for sure, there are other venues out there, that if a few things were done with them, it would make them great venues. I think the trick is to talk with these places as a united scene. We need venues and venues need us. Promoters are a necessary evil so we, the bands, can make sure we are ready to perform. At a level worthy of people coming back week after week because they know that there will always be great bands at this place or that place.

These are just thoughts going through my noggin.

As a member of a band, there are three things I want in a venue 4 if you count getting paid.

1.       A great stage
2.       A great sound system
3.       Awesome lighting.

This does many things. It adds to the entertainment value of the evening, audibly visually and these are important to the patrons and the entertainers. When a band is on a stage performing and all these elements are present; it makes for an amazing night of entertainment.

What are your thoughts on my noggin post?