Sunday, December 3, 2023

Bryon Mogul BLOOZE BAR Review 12/02/2023

 Bryon Mogul 



Last night, The Art Of Metal at The Blooze was a parade of expert artists, band after band! The Last House Band, whom I had not heard of outside of good references, absolutely killed it with their renditions of hits from the 70's an 80's mixed with originals. They jumped on stage 20 minutes early because the room was already filling up, and played an extra-long set and every song was dope. No kidding, I didn't realize the band had Francis Leon and Mark from Lawless Rocks along with John the drummer. That singer-guitar combo defines excellence and support for our music scene. These guys helped open the 44 before a stage existed, played several of our quasi-quarantine era shows, participated in jams and always delivered the goods. Their rhythm section was just as skilled, and you'll see them again on my shows. Their library is infinite, they came first and stayed till the end. And now the words out, you can expect to hear a lot more about them. I'm so grateful to you guys.

Our headliner, Dawn Of The Rising, are some of the best friends I have in the music scene. They are 

absolutely a polished original metal heavy hitter in this game. I like the vocalist-writer Ray Coon so much, he is the only vocalist to ever sing on an album with me since Joey from Anthrax. Ignacio Sarraff and Ray's son Justin Coon fire super-skilled solos at you from both sides of the stage Chris Keener is one of the most sought-after percussionists anywhere in the Valley. The bassist is a rock and cornerstone of deep melody. All night, faces I knew and didn't know told me they were captivated by this band. I count them as one of the top flagship metal bands in Arizona.

Frankenshred should be in an arena, they're so top-shelf. I already expected a 40-minute clinic on perfect metal guitar techniques and songs that you'd never expect to hear done well done better than the original. And I'm serious. But then, Hunter Storm came up, and some of us knew this was going to be off the scale! Coming on to the event to replace a last-minute cancellation, I can't really remember a more powerful performance. I mean Dio, and Sabbath, and a cascade of great anthems that had fans hugging the stage. Johnny Frankenshred II, Hunter Storm, Rob Erwin, and Tom Higgins.

Ankh-Alien performed our Videodyssey show, with my all-original, heavy Neo-Classical accompaniment to sci-fi and cult movies. Daniel Bueschel nailed everything we did, with only a few hours of preparation. And I'm the kind of player who does their best work when experts are present. I haven't checked the livestream, but I think it was a pretty good night. And every song was met with resounding applause. It was sad to perform without Emily Rachel Calvis, who is sick and unable to sing. Our best vibes and hopes for her speedy recovery.

It's a testament to our metal scene when four headliner bands like this play a bill. And this was to help out The Blooze Bar, who had a show cancel. It's my privilege and duty to step up when things like this happen, and an honor to have these artists by my side to help.

The fans. It wasn't who was there, it was WHO was there. Jack McBride from 2 IN THE CHEST, Amen Torso from TORSO, Kenny James, James Beauchamp, Mike Smith from The YETI RADIO, John Roland, Angela Black (who brought us The Last House Band), Melee Bee, and many more of the highly supportive people who are the strongest base of our music community.

No regrets for the 120 who people didn't miss this show. Under the circumstances of little time to promote, competition from other clubs, and pages of Christmas parties, we all did great. Jennifer Wharton made street tacos, and we ate it all.